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Mike has been working with valve guitar amps for over 40 years.  During this time he has been designing amps, purchasing, listening to and selecting valves with the world's leading guitarists.  He has always worked closely with current manufacturers of valves.  The benifits of all the research, testing & listening is that we can provide our clients with the best.  This means that the sound and reliability can be guaranteed - in fact the MH Elite Valve Collection is guaranteed for 6 months.

For a valve to be included in our MH Elite Valve Collection, it is put through extensive testing.  Mike has developed, designed and constructed a testing rig that can create the many parameters of real guitar amplifiers.  Every valve is listened to, driven and matched.


We conduct power tests and run the valves in real amp circuits, operating at 250 to 630v stabalized +/- .05%.  We do match tests, inspect and listen to each valve.  We also look for any flashing over or running away.  We listen for hum, pop, crackle and microphony.  Any valves that fail any one of these test are rejected.

The sound and tone you get is mainly down to your choice of amp.  Selecting the right valves however, enhances the amp's qualities and gives you the ultimate sound.


If a guitar amplifier is biased correctly it will not only sound good but it will ensure that the valves have a longer life.

When you bias an amplifier you are adjusting the static voltage at the control grid of the valve in order to produce the correct amount of idle current flowing through the valve.

Valve's do not effect the bias setting of any amplifier, however bias setting does effect how the valve works.

Guitar amplifiers contain lethal voltages which can cause personal injury or death.  We therefore advise that you do not attempt to carry out any modification or adjustment yourself.  We recommend you take your amplifier to a qualified technician.  All valves are fitted at your own risk.  Please read our terms and conditions


If your amplifier

If your valves

Then you may need to have your amplifier serviced and new valves fitted where necessary.

The life expectancy of a valve depends on several factors

In other words if they are used frequently, pushed regularly to the point of distortion, then you may only get up to 6 months use.  However used infrequently, with care, they could last for many years.